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About Indibion

Indibion is a communication skills consultancy that specializes in teaching English for Business. Our workshops teach the necessary content, language and skills to help your company’s personnel communicate more accurately, fluently and confidently in English within a business setting. We have more than 15 years of experience in working with some of the world’s leading corporate and public sector organizations. AVON, Adecco, DHL, Phoenix Contact and Staples are just some of the companies that have chosen our solutions. For more about us, get in contact.

Business English Training

We organize workshops that target seven areas of English for Business: BEC (Business English Certificate), business language, meeting management, presentation skills, sales, interpersonal communication and writing for business. All of our workshops can be held on-site or off-site, conducted in a public or private format and carried out one to one or with large groups. They can also be modified in terms of content, duration and skill level. In other words, our workshops are flexible and customizable. To read more, click on workshops.

Our Approach to Learning English for Business

We use our own training methodology during our workshops. It’s a blend of Content Language Integrated Learning, Flexible Exposure Activities and Task Based Learning. We call it the Indibion method. It favors learning content and language at the same time, provides a multidirectional approach to practice newly acquired skills and stimulates learning. As a result, our workshops are fun, interesting and rewarding. More importantly, they produce better results in terms of language acquisition than other types of training that concentrate on language alone.

Client Management

Our client-management approach begins from the first minute we speak with your company and continues long after the workshop has finished. It includes an in-depth needs analysis, involves a monitoring system to ensure objectives are being met and utilizes a follow-up program that reinforces newly learnt content. That means your company can be sure that the content in all of our workshops is personalized and relevant. It also means that each participant’s linguistic skills are kept up to date and the quality of each workshop is optimized to its fullest potential.

Training Team

All of our trainers are experienced, qualified and skilled. They’ve all worked in the field of English for Business for more than 10 years. They come from academic and business backgrounds, possess a flair for innovative training techniques and know how to make learning appealing, interactive and pleasurable. More importantly, they understand what it takes to master a foreign language, how to produce exceptional end-of-course results and what your company expects from any type of training…high return on investment and absolute certainty that all objectives were met.